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Do you deliver to PO Boxes?

No – all our orders are shipped via Australia Post and DHL and neither Australia Post or DHL ship to PO Boxes or to forwarding companies (for tracking reasons), so please make sure you include a street address for the delivery of your order.

How will my order be shipped? Will I receive a tracking number?

Domestic (Australian) orders are shipped via Australia Post and international orders are shipped via DHL Express – you will receive a tracking number (with a link) as soon as your order is processed so that you will be able to track your shipment all the way to your door (this can be done on or

How long will it take to receive my order?

We usually process orders within 24-48 hours – then it will depend on where in the world you are! International deliveries can take between 3 and 10 days depending on how far you are from Australia.

My country is not listed for shipping – am I able to order?

Of course! Just contact us and we will reconfigure our shipping options to make your country available – we will email you directly as soon as this is complete to let you know that everything is set up for you to place your order.

Do you offer free shipping?

We do offer free shipping within Australia and to several international regions for orders over AUD$100 and to most other countries for orders over AUD$200 – for a list of countries to which this applies please refer to Orders containing Rae’s new book, ‘Makeup Masterclass’, do not qualify for free shipping – this is due to the weight of the book (2.5kg) and the expense involved in shipping the book from Australia. The shipping is however subsidised and by selling the book online we have been able to significantly reduce the price of the book compared the price you would pay in a book store (which would be in excess of $100).

Am I able to view pricing is other currencies other than Australian Dollars?

Yes. On the top right hand corner of the website you will see a drop down menu where you can select the currency in which you wish to view our pricing (you can currently select from AUD, USD, GBP, CAD, NZD and JPY). Please note however that all transactions are still processed in Australian dollars.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by Paypal, Afterpay, Mastercard, Visa (both credit and debit cards), American Express and Diners Club.

Are there any customs duties which may be applied to my shipment?

With some countries, like the USA, no duties are applied. But most other countries impose duties and tariffs, over which we have no control, and which we cannot estimate at the time of you placing your order. Gifts may or may not be subject to local duties and taxes. Duties imposed on shipments by customs authorities of the destination country are your responsibility.   Do you want to know more? Just contact us.


What do you mean by pressure contoured?

Pressure Contoured applies to the brushes with a tapered point shape. They are special because they blend for you. You can use a single brush for a wider range of applications and dramatically reduce your time blending. The tapered point means the brush is equally effective for right and left handed makeup artists, plus, variations in pressure can be used to change the size of the brush. For example, the brush becomes bigger with increased pressure because more hairs come into contact with the skin.

Where can I learn how to use your makeup brushes?

Watch my exclusive makeup video tutorials on my website! Click on Brushes and find the brush you want to know more about. I have a video next to each product description. I talk about the brushes functionality and show you how to create runway perfection using a model’s face! I also run online masterclasses ( for aspiring makeup artists and for those makeup enthusiasts who want to be inspired and develop their knowledge and techniques.

Can I use the makeup brushes with crème and liquid based makeup products?

Yes. The brush tips are made up of small hairs which makes them stronger and suitable for your crème and liquid based makeups.

Where are the brushes manufactured?

The Rae Morris Jishaku range is made in Japan by a team lead by one of the last living masters of craft.

Are the brushes cruelty free?

Yes. The brushes are 100% human and animal cruelty free – the MCF (Micro Crystal Fibre) range is completely vegan – the fibres directly replicate natural fibres but are softer, stronger and more consistent, which means that Rae as been able to tailor each brush perfectly for it’s intended application.

What type of brush hairs do you use?

It depends on the brush and the application. For brushes where you want to maximize the product transferred to the skin we use synthetic fibre as these absorb less product. With brushes for blending, MCF which replicates natural fibre (e.g. Goat, Grey Squirrel etc) is best – our white brushes are MCF Goat, and our dark haired brushes are MCF grey squirrel.

How do I wash the brushes?

I always use a hospital grade brush cleaner that’s alcohol based. This sterilises the brushes and helps them dry really quickly. I only wash the hair, and dry the brush down after by wiping it on a clean towel (cloth or paper) or hanging it upside down from a magnetic surface. Shampoo cleans them but it doesn’t sterilise them, and conditions leave an oily film. I don’t use water or brush conditioners at all. Click here to watch my exclusive Brush Care video.

Will my brushes dry out if I wash them too much?

No. I clean my brushes 10-20 times per day and they’ve never dried out.

What is the difference between the two Radiance Brushes (#26 and #27)?

The two Radiance brushes are identical in application. The Radiance Brush was the best selling from our previous range so we have re-mastered this with the new look and feel or the Magnetic Range. The two brushes have varying handle sizes, and we’ve found each customer has their own preference.   Do you want to know more? Just contact us.

‘MAKEUP MASTERCLASS’ for iPad & iPhone


The video tutorials seem to be loading slowly – what is the reason for this?

The video tutorials are not embedded in the app – due to the size of the video files this would have made the apps too big to download and store on your device. Instead we have hosted all the videos on an Amazon server (the same one/speed used by Netflix, so it is very fast) and each time you watch a video you are streaming it from this server. The server is actually made up of a series of servers around the world, so it locates your position and streams from the regional server that will give you the fastest streaming speed. So the speed of the streaming is actually going to be determined by the speed of your internet connection – the better your connection, the faster the videos will load.

I can’t hear sound when I play the video tutorials, is this an issue with the app?

No, it is not an issue with the app. Some of the newer iPads have an issue where they get locked in headphone mode. It’s a problem with the headphone jack – it still thinks there is a headphone in the port even though there isn’t one in there. The way to fix it is by doing a “hard reset”. The process may vary depending on the device you have – You need to click and hold both the home button and the on/off button together for approx 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears – then let go of both buttons. This resets the headphone jack and the sound will then play properly on the videos through the iPad’s speakers. Please also note that the iPhone app is specifically designed for iPhone and is not 100% compatible with iPad. If you are using the iPhone app on an iPad you may experience some technical issues due to this incompatibility.

What is the difference between ‘Makeup Masterclass’ for iPad and the pocket companion for iphone?

‘Makeup Masterclass’ for iPad contains the entire content of the hard cover book PLUS all the video tutorials. The Pocket Companion contains abridged content – just the essential information you need when you are out and about – plus all the video tutorials.

Is there a version of ‘Makeup Masterclass’ for Android Phones?

Not yet, but there soon will be. It is in development (for both tablets and phones) and we have top make it available very soon.   Do you want to know more? Just contact us.


Do you offer assisting opportunities?

Yes, but there is a very long waiting list… so this is managed by my agency, Reload. To be considered just contact Lizard Management via

Do you run seminars or workshop?

Yes, I now run a live online masterclass series which it suitable for anyone who is into makeup – from personal makeup enthusiasts through to makeup students and professional MUA’s. For all the details, visit

How involved were you in the creation process of your new brush range?

I was involved in everything… from start to finish! I developed the concept for the range, and designed each brush. From establishing what functionality each brush would have, to designing the look and choosing the type of hair used. I worked with a team of designers to finalise the look and feel, and then worked with my production team perfecting prototypes for each brush.

How did you get into designing brushes? What’s your inspiration?

I have been designing brushes ever since I have been doing makeup. I could never find brushes that were designed just the way I needed. I used to buy great brushes and modify them until they worked the way I needed them to. I would trim the hairs and bend brushes. I’m driven by shape and texture, and the results I am looking to achieve with the brush. Click here to read Rae’s Story.

What was your inspiration behind your new Magnetic brush range?

My aim was to combine the best brush design with a storage and transport functionality that would make the range more fun, easier to use and keep! I needed a range that was easier for me to work and keep my organised. I wanted it to allow for top hygiene and for the brushes to help me achieve the best makeup results. This is where the magnetic functionality came in (a world first)! Magnetic caps would allow me to store the brushes together, hang them from magnetic surfaces, dry and keep the hair ends away from unhygienic bench tops. The magnet also provides an ideal counterweight at the end of the brush, weighted ideally for precise work. It was also important to me for the look of the brush range to be beautiful, original and distinctive.

Will you be adding more brushes to the current brush range?

I designed a full collection based on the brushes I use every day as a professional makeup artist. With this said, makeup products are evolving and we evolve with them. I am continually researching and developing new concepts to provide the best for my customers. I am currently working on brush accessories.

There is a Makeup Coming Soon page on your website! What can I expect?

Yes! We are working on a makeup range. I will only launch a product if I am 100% happy with it, so we don’t have any dates set yet. The range will be as much about education as it is about the products themselves. It’s about introducing women to formulations that really work for them and colours that they are meant to wear.

Do you have any tips and tricks for women with matured skin?

My two key tips for women with maturing skin would be:

  1. Even out your skin tone, and take ten years off your apparent age. To do this, find the right foundation and use my Liquid Foundation Brush (#23) to apply this to your skin.
  2. Don’t draw attention to the areas that show signs of aging. Don’t use bright or shimmery colours but use matte textured makeup instead. Anything that has sparkles or shimmer makes wrinkles more obvious.


What tips do you have for women who are realising the aging process and losing confidence with this?

What worked for us at 18 will simply not work for us at 40, and you’ll just look silly if you try. As we get older we need to modify our approach and techniques to minimise the signs of ageing – It will not only make a difference to how you look, but also how you feel. Don’t try to erase your life; the character in maturing faces is amazing and should be celebrated. I wrote my third book ‘Timeless Makeup’ after I’d just turned 40. This book deals with the ageing process and focuses on classic, ageless, timeless beauty – something to embrace. My suggestion is to find an actress that is your age with a similar natural complexion. Look at what they wear and the (matte) makeup colours they use, and this will help guide you – they have a team of professionals putting their looks together for them, so use this as your benchmark. And last thing, Ignore makeup trends – even though I have to immerse myself in them, if it doesn’t suit you, or if it doesn’t make you look younger, don’t follow it.

What are your favourite Makeup Products?

I love Clinique ‘Even Better Skin Foundation’. With most foundations I have so many skin breakouts, but this one seems to calm everything down. I love DMK Skin Care and SKIN Ceuticals. I also love NARS lip gloss. L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara is a favourite of mine and I’m in love with Benefit Eyebrow Mascara. I also use mainly Kohl Eye pencils around me eye and just smudge them.   Do you want to know more? Just contact us.