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Brush 7.1: Deluxe Point Shader (Synthetic)

$39.00 $27.30

This brush is similar in shape to the no.7 Deluxe Point Shader (which is the eye brush I use the most) however this is a synthetic version – so it’s best used for all crème based products.

With strong strokes it can be used to do a full eye shading (from lash line to brow), but with gentle pressure the pointed end can be used to create finer detail and create the perfect eye shadow socket (can be used under the eye as well).I also love using this brush to buff in concealer.

Hair Type: Goat + Synthetic 5:1 (Animal Cruelty Free)

“With more creme texture eyeshadows hitting the market, this is the brush you need to create the perfect smokey eye.”

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