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Jishaku #28: Deluxe Radiance


The ‘flagship’ of the Rae Morris Jishaku Range! Perfect for all foundations, from mineral powders to liquid body makeup – this brush is perfect for travel and was inspired from directing makeup runways where there is never enough time to apply and blend foundations

This brush is literally mistake proof (I’d love to say ‘foundation for dummies’ but that doesn’t come across the way I mean it) – I can literally hand the brush to anyone, with foundation applied to the centre of the brush, and they will be able to apply their own foundation flawlessly… even without a mirror! It cuts your foundation application time by more than half and you’re not left with product on your hands.

Designed to be used with a circular ‘buffing’ motion, it polishes any foundation, from mineral, powdered, light water based, and even thick cream formulations (including moisturisers), into the skin. The hair type has been specifically chosen not to absorb the product in order to minimise the wastage you see with some other bristle brushes.

Runway Tip: You know the question ‘if you were stuck on a desert island and you could only bring one thing with you’…well, in terms of makeup brushes, this is it! You can use this brush to re-polish and re-freshen your makeup all day long. Because of it’s large head but compact size, it’s perfect for application of anything from sunscreen to foundation and even shimmer on the chest and body areas.

Hair Type: Micro Crystal Fibre – Hakutotsu (Vegan): features a unique crystalised structure that perfectly mimics the cuticle structure of natural fibres, enhancing product pick up and evenly applying and blending liquid, crème and powder formulations seamlessly. These unique fibres have an antibacterial rating of 99.9% and are vegan.
Handle: Hard Maple/Cherry

“The new ‘flagship’ of the Rae Morris Jishaku Range! Perfect for all foundations, from mineral powders to liquid body makeup.”

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