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LIVE Masterclass on Facebook – 1 November 2020

$50 AUD

You can now spend time with Rae LIVE every month with a series of exclusive online Masterclasses, Q&A sessions, tutorials and much more!

With Rae’s schedule and travel it has been difficult to lock in times and locations for ‘in person’ masterclasses… it has also meant that masterclasses have been limited to those of you who can get to the venue at that specific time – we know a lot of you have missed out.

But we now have a solution… with the launch of Rae Morris LIVE! Rae Morris LIVE is your direct access to Rae – LIVE every month! Whether you are a makeup fanatic, an aspiring makeup artist or already a professional MUA, Rae Morris LIVE is your portal to personal training and mentoring by Rae.

Rae Morris LIVE features:

  • LIVE Masterclasses: A LIVE Masterclass with Rae in a closed Facebook group every month – if you can’t make the LIVE Masterclass, don’t worry – the full video will be uploaded to your personal Rae Morris LIVE portal so that you can view it at your leisure.
  • LIVE Q&A Sessions: A few days after each Masterclass, Rae will do a LIVE Q&A session in the closed Facebook group – this is your opportunity to ask Rae questions on the Masterclass or anything else that you would like her to answer.
  • Online Resources: Your online portal is pre-loaded with more than 2.5 hours of video tutorials… all personally conducted by Rae. This is your reference for specific detailed techniques that will be incorporated into Rae’s LIVE Masterclasses.
  • Bonus Content: Rae’s career has given her access to some of the best people in not only fashion and beauty, but also skin care, design and many other fields – we will include regular interviews with the ‘best of the best’ to inspire you and enhance your career.

You can register for a specific masterclass (without subscribing) that interests you or you can subscribe for ongoing access to all masterclasses, the Facebook group, online resources and bonus content.

Rae Morris LIVE gives you direct and regular access to Rae no matter where you are in the world!

Click here for more information or email us at


“Watching Rae do makeup has been invaluable to me as an artist …her teachings and life lessons in this profession have been invaluable to my career. Learning directly from Rae is something you can’t learn anywhere else and something which I will be forever grateful for.”

Ashlea Penfold

“Rae’s passion, detailed knowledge and easy to understand application techniques gave me what l needed to build a strong foundation and the building blocks to start my journey in a career  as a successful makeup artist. Each time l hear her speak l learn something new and different. She will inspire you and inject you with excitement and the feeling that you can do anything. I have so much to thank her for.”

Victoria Baron

“I first sat in the class of Rae Morris ten years ago and it changed my life. The direction it gave me for my career was simply incredible. I have since attended many of Rae’s classes and each time I learn something new or am simply reminded of techniques I may have forgotten. Her passion for the industry, for her classes, for her students is infectious and you will walk away from her class wanting to take over the makeup world.”

Jazz Pampling

“Learn directly from Rae LIVE and ONLINE as she personally demonstrates the techniques and tricks that have made her one of the world's most renowned makeup artists.”

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