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Inspired by 80's 'Glam' from the covers of Vogue and inconic music clips such as 'Simply Irresistable'. Whilst blue eyes are not always suited to all eye colours and skin tones, by keeping intense colours deep and jeweled, it can elevate the look.


I’m doing the eyes first, so prep the skin and the eyes.


Apply a crème blue eye shadow to the eyelids. Next take an intense blue eye pencil and apply to the inner rim of the eye. Smudge heavily into the lash line.


Over the top of the blue crème eye shadow, apply a really intense electric blue pigment and just press it into the eye shadow.


To finish the eyes, put some water-based makeup remover (I’ve used Bioderma Sensibio) on a cotton bud and tidy up the line under the eye, making sure the outer eye corners are pulled slightly out and up.

I fell in love with Lana when I worked with her on a shoot on a yacht in the south of France with an Australian client (did I just say, ‘A yacht in France?’ Yes I did!). I love that I can take her from ‘fresh feminine’ to eighties inspired glam… it’s all about her eyes. Now based in NYC, Lana was born in Latvia. Before becoming a model, Lana was a gymnast. Lana recently did a campaign for Clarins in the Bahamas.


Using the intense blue pigment on a small angle brush (e.g. Brow Definer – Brush No.16), apply heavily to the inner corners of the eyes.


Try to keep the top line of eye shadow shape quite straight. When you are looking straight into the mirror, you should only see a hint of the eye shadow above the middle of the eyes when they’re open (we don’t want this rounded at all).


Take a black kohl pencil and apply to the outer corners of both the top and bottom lash line, then smudge and pull the eye out slightly.


Clean up any fallout from under the eye, apply a crème foundation, and contour cheeks and hairline.


Curl the lashes, apply a three-quarter eyelash (I’ve also added some shorter singles into the lash as well). Then apply lots of mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.


Define the eyebrows and make sure the end of the brow is very precise. To help sharpen the end point, use your matching foundation on a Brow Definer (Brush No.16), and clean up the edges.


Highlight your cheeks with gold shimmer, then use a sheer lip gloss, or a gloss that's similar to your natural lip colour.


Apply a matt red lipstick. I've used a Lip Brush (Brush No.19) to get a really sharp line. I’ve added a hint of lip balm to give a subtle sheen and to stop the lips drying out. If you want to keep your lips super matt, use a men's lip balm – they are made with less sheen than women's lip balms.

TALENT: Lana Zakocela — AGENCY: Next — HAIR: Noah Hatten