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I love mixing vibrant colours, and the combination of blue, violet and lilac has always been a personal favourite. This is my 'go to' when I want to create a fresh, young, feminine look.



Prep the skin and apply a light foundation all over. Conceal where necessary.


Apply a wash of purple eye shadow to the eyelids using a medium sized brush. Now take a smaller, clean brush (I've used a Medium Point Shader – Brush No.8) and blend to the brow bone. Using a clean brush helps product to blend in seconds.


Take a matt pink lip pencil and line this heavily into the top eyelash line. Alternatively, you can use a matt pink gel liner, but they can be hard to find.


Use an aqua blue lip pencil to draw along the bottom eye line. Remember to keep this line as straight as possible follow the ‘Eye Phi’ rules in the Eyes chapter.

When this incredibly pretty Nordic-looking face sat in front of me, I just couldn’t resist using colour. I did have a brief ABBA moment (crossed with a bit of eighties), but I wanted to make it modern. So this makeup look is for all the women who love colour, but don’t want to look like they are off to the disco.



Take a matt pink eye shadow and smudge it into the upper lash line using a Lash Line Smudger (Brush No.12).


Find a matching blue eye shadow for the lip pencil you used to do the bottom eye line, and smudge it into the lower lash line using a Lash Line Smudger (Brush No.12).


Apply a creamy white pencil to the inner rim of the eye.


Curl the lashes and apply lots of top and bottom mascara. Make sure the lashes are beautifully combed and fill in any gaps using single false lashes.



Lightly powder the T-zone – if you have dry skin, you can avoid this step. Define the eyebrows – I have used a blonde brow pencil to do this.


Use a Deluxe Kabuki (Brush No.1) to apply a pink crème blush high on the cheekbone. Don't overdo the blush as it might compete, for all the wrong reasons, with your colourful eyes.


You can leave the lips clean and matt like you see here, or you can finish off with a pinkish nude lip gloss.



To pump up this look I want the lips to be the focus. This is perfect if you want a youthful girlish look, and it’s also perfect for spring.


Apply a dark blue pencil to the inner water line. Make sure the pencil is not waterproof, because if it is, it won’t deposit enough colour. Use a pencil that’s made for the inner water line. Another option would be to use dark violet shade.


Finish with a matt hot pink lip.

TALENT: Nadia Lacka — AGENCY: MC2 — HAIR: Elsa Canedo