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Prep the skin. Then, because we are going to do a strong smokey eye, we are going to do the eyes first. So prep your eyes as well.


Contour the eyes first using a matt shade (because we are doing a bronze eye, I’m using a matt brown). We want to get the shape before we apply the eye shadow.


Start under the eye and pull the eye out on the angle that you want first, and then join the top socket into the bottom line. This gives you a guide to work on and must be perfectly blended before you start the next step.

Ellie was the model for one of my first magazine covers. She has the most beautiful pale blue eyes – actually, my friends and I have a nick name for her, it's 'Husky' after those amazing dogs with the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. This is a classic glamorous look that everyone should try at least once in their life – it's the ‘everything’ of looks. It has glamour, contouring, highlighting and smokey eyes all in one. This is the look for women who want ‘The LOT’.



Take a mahogany bronze eye shadow and using a Tapered Oval Shadow (Brush No.10), follow your guide and wash the whole eyelid up to the contour with eye shadow.


Then with the same colour, using the Lash Line Smudger (Brush No.12), do a smudge right up close to the lash line, especially in the inner corner of the eye. Make this the most intense part.



Using a matt dark chocolate brown pencil, smudge it into the entire lash line. Slightly thicken the line as you move towards the outer eye corner – this will lift your eye. Blend using the small Lash Line Smudger (Brush No.12).


Using the same pencil, colour in the waterline under the eye and smudge into bottom lash line. 



Once blended perfectly, set using a matt eye shadow of similar shade because pencils have a tendency to run. This will intensify the pencil (you can opt for a shimmery shadow if you want more of a shine).



Clean out any fallout from under the eye. Apply foundation to the level of coverage that you require. 


Define the eyebrows with a matching brow pencil, and use a Brow Brush (Brush No.18) to buff the pencil into the brows for a softer look.


Then use the same Brow Brush (Brush No.18) to comb the brows into place.


Finish off by curling the lashes and applying mascara to both top and bottom.



Conceal where necessary.


If you happen to have shiny oily skin, always use blotting papers before you powder. Lightly powder the T-zone. This is also a great time to moisturise your body – doing it before you complete your makeup allows it to soak into your skin and it will be less likely to get onto your clothes.



Highlight the centre of the nose and the cheekbones – because it is such a strong look with eyes and lips, I’m not applying blush (refer to the Highlighting chapter). If you do feel you need a hint of colour, make the blush natural looking and opt for a soft apricot or rose.


You can keep the lip nude as a day look if you like. But I’m going to use a hot orange… just because I couldn’t help myself!

TALENT: Ellie Ross — AGENCY: One Management — HAIR: Joel Phillips